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I am an athletic kid that likes to play baseball. I like to play Call of Duty Black Ops lll. My favorite animal is a dolphin. Everything that involves baseball interests me. I like watching Fallout 4 video’s. My name is Guy. Some of my friends like to play Halo Travis Ishikawa is my one of my favorite baseball players. Peanut butter and jelly are one of my favorite foods. I want to go to Kansas but that is far away and is expensive to travel there.

I think going to Los Angeles would be a fun trip. I have many hobbies such as baseball and video games. Nothing that has more than 4 legs interests me. being bit by a spider would be the opposite of a good day for me. Playing video games is what I like to do on weekends. If I saw a spider I would quake with fear. Racing people is fun because I am fast. Solving hard problems are easy to me and good for my brain. Talking is not what I like to do with my time. I wish there were umbrella’s that would fly around with you so you didn’t have to hold it.

My most valuable possession is the computer accessories like the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and mouse pad. When I wait to find out my test score I get nervous. People in my band play the xylophone. I yell at my sister a lot because she is annoying. I think that zippers are a good invention and I use them a lot.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi my name is Nicolas, I like Videogames to like Call of Duty and Fallout. But I have a question why do you have a picture of Reaper from Overwatch? Does it have to do with any of your favorite games, but all together you did great. If you want to tell me more of your favorite Videogames you can go comment on my blog.

      1. No, I just like Hanzo because he has scatter arrows and the rouge arrow which are good for junkensteins revenge.

          1. Yes, I use it in skirmishes but since I don’t have the season pass I can’t use it in real games. 🙁

  2. Hi Guy! Alex here. I am really glad that you have star wars battlefront and so do I!!
    do you have the season pass?
    my fav gun is the A280C as well
    my fav hero is Greedo,Bossk,Dengar and Nien Nunb

    1. No , I am waiting for a sale because it costs 50 dollars. I just played yesterday and I saw the new guns. The Brayer pistol is now my favorite gun because you can take sown At-St’s really fast with it’s secondary shot.

    1. I would use the pulse cannon but it has to charge and sometimes it isn’t accurate. My favorite heroes are Han Solo because he has shoulder charge and lucky shot. I also like Luke Skywalker because he can run fast and he can force push.

      1. I was just playing yesterday an now I love the pulse cannon. I sniped 5 ships out of the air and got a 17 kill streak with it. I use the pulse cannon but it has to recharge so I use the cycler rifle and the T21B. My sniper class is starcards pulse cannon and cycler rifle and the blaster T21B. I also use the scout trait card because I can sprin from place and shoot without showing up on the enemy scanner.

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